Georgetown House Tour

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As the Georgetown House Tour enters its 86th year, it continues as one of Georgetown’s most important annual community and social activities. Because of the House Tour’s history, its location in the Nation’s Capital and the prestigious Georgetown community, and its importance as a volunteer activity, the House Tour intends to raise its visibility further. Through the House Tour it is our intent to support the following goals:

  • Financially leverage considerable outreach and support provided to the missions by St. John’s Georgetown Episcopal Church and its members, who are operating with an expanded, invigorated approach
  • Focus on expanding community goodwill and good works within the Georgetown community
  • Highlight historical preservation and homeownership excellence in this nationally known area.

To accomplish this, the Sponsorship process continues with the last year’s model to reflect various levels of support (Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze). That model is described below. Please note that there will be traditional opportunities for advertising in the Georgetown House Tour Magazine, and those opportunities will be extended to potential advertisers at a later date.

Sponsors’ Benefits

The Sponsors will receive high visibility through the House Tour and related events, as firms or organizations assisting St. John’s to achieve the above goals. Their contribution will be recognized through the following means:

  • All sponsors will be listed in a special section of the Patrons’ Party invitation.
  • All sponsors will be able to place ads in the GTHT Magazine, as defined in the table below.
  • Sponsors may advertise themselves in any media outlet as the “Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze Sponsor of the Georgetown House Tour,” depending on their support level.
  • A listing of sponsors will be incorporated in any ad purchased by St. John’s Episcopal Church.
  • Sponsors will be incorporated in all press releases (but inclusion cannot be guaranteed).
  • Sponsors will be identified according to their support level on the Georgetown House Tour website advertising this year’s event, on signs/placards placed at the Patrons’ Party, within each house on the Tour, as well as at the Tea.
  • Sponsors, depending on the sponsorship level, will receive a specific number of valuable Patrons’ Party and House Tour tickets, as spelled out in the table below.
  • Sponsors will be entitled to a charitable contribution deduction based on their contributions to St. John’s Georgetown.
  • Sponsors will not be asked to underwrite the costs of the Patron’s Party or the Homeowners Thank You Party.

Exclusive Platinum Sponsor Benefits

There will be only one Platinum Sponsor.

The Platinum Sponsor will be recognized on the Patrons’ Party ticket “wrapper”, a wrapper around the Magazines delivered to Party attendees.

This Sponsors name will appear in the top position in any mention of the House Tour Sponsors and its name will be in a larger font and in bold.

Key sponsor representatives will be introduced at the Patrons’ Party presentation.

This Sponsor will be invited to attend the Thank You Party for the homeowners who are opening their homes for the Tour.

The Platinum Sponsor will also have the right to distribute water bottles with its company name and/or logo to be distributed by Hyde-Addison School children at their lemonade stands.

Sponsorship Levels

The Sponsorship Chair has established a new multilevel sponsorship arrangement for the House Tour as set forth in the table below. The minimum contributions and benefits corresponding to the contribution level are also listed in this table.



  Patrons’ Party Invitation,     HT Website, Posters and  Magazine

House Tour Magazine Advertisements

No. of Sponsorships at this Level

Patron’ Party Tickets





Top position, bold

and larger font

Back cover and center banner






Subsequent position(s)

Choice of inside back cover plus the previous page or inside front cover plus subsequent page (2 pages)

1 or more





Subsequent position(s)

Page opposite the table of contents (1 page)

1 or more





Subsequent position(s)

Page near front cover depending upon Gold Sponsor placement

1 or more



All applications (see below) should be addressed to the Sponsorship Chair and delivered in a sealed envelope to St. John’s Episcopal Church, 3240 O Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. Applications will be received and logged in, so that positions/order can be determined based on the date/time the application is received. An application should be accompanied by a check in the amount of the Sponsor’s contribution.

Other GTHT Event Conditions

Sponsorship does not connote exclusive sponsorship nor does it restrict any rights of the GTHT. The Sponsors or their individual employees or representatives may also purchase additional ads in the GTHT Magazine.

The House Tour Sponsorship Chair may also approve the distribution of publications or other items that may or may not include corporate logo, to the approximately 2,000 House Tour Event participants. Such materials may be distributed at the rear of the church during GTHT Tea. Materials may not be distributed near the ticket sales area, Tour homes or other Tour venues.

No house on the House Tour may be listed for sale or post any “for sale or rental” signs until the House Tour is concluded without risking removal of the house from the tour.


If your firm or organization has any questions concerning how Sponsorship will work, please call Ron Ivey, Sponsorship Chair, at (202) 320-7759 or contact him at