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Persons seeking to advertise in connection with the Georgetown House Tour may place an advertisement in The Georgetown House Tour Magazine.  The Magazine serves as the “ticket” for House Tour and is a treasured souvenir for those visiting the eight to ten beautiful homes and gardens on the tour.  The Magazine provides information about St. John’s Church, a list of patrons, friends, and sponsors, maps and a detailed historical description of each home on the Tour.  In a now well-established 8 ½ x 11 format, the full color Magazine creates advertising opportunities at several levels.  Advertising in the Georgetown House Tour Magazine gives your organization exposure to prominent Georgetowners and Washingtonians, architects and designers, friends of the church, and those visiting from out-of-town. The House Tour Committee wants to support the inclusion of some of our community’s more important financial, service and retail operations.

 Advertising Levels

The high level of prestige of the Magazine necessitates that the majority of ad space available is full page and color.  Advertising space is offered at the following levels:

Ad size                                                                                Color                          Black and White

Full page

Prime placement (8-12 available)                           $1,400                                         n/a

Regular                                                                         $1,050                                         $750

Half page                                                                               $700                                          $525

Quarter page                                                                         $475                                          $350

Eighth page                                                                           $300                                           $225


Advertisers will provide all images and copy in digital (preferably jpeg) form.  Payment should be submitted online and ad copy should be submitted to Ron Ivey ( by April 3rd.

We offer custom ad creation for a fee of $250 for a full page ad and $125 for all other ad sizes.  All ad copy created by the Georgetown House Tour Magazine team is the property of St. John’s Episcopal Church Georgetown and the Georgetown House Tour.  If you would like to buy rights to the custom created ad copy, contact Ron Ivey ( for details.